Winter's Knight

Winter's Knight

There is something in the forest around L’Ange that is making the animals nervous. In fact, they are running by Tucker Flynn’s windows at all hours of the night and day and no matter what anyone says, it isn’t normal. Of course, neither is Tucker being stuck on the sprawling grounds of the shifter sanctuary in Maine, in the dead of winter. He just wants to go back to
Phoenix . . . if only his alpha would let him.

Tired of his concerns being dismissed, or worse, told that he’s flat-out wrong, Tucker sets out on his own, despite a broken ankle, to find proof of his suspicion—that there’s an apex predator, something far more menacing than any shifter at L’Ange, skulking in the woods behind his cabin. When everything goes sideways during his search, and he ends up passing out while staring into the face of a giant elk, only to wake up days later on a bed of furs, gazing into the eyes of the most gorgeous man he’s ever seen, the course of Tucker’s life changes in an instant.

He has just found his mate. Now all he has to do is accept that he’s not the loser he’s always believed he was. Funny how quickly everything can shift, like day to knight.

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Book Details
  • Release Date: January, 18 2021
  • Cover Artist: Reese Dante