His Hearth

His Hearth

A Warder Series Novella Julian Nash should be excited: he’s just earned a huge promotion at work and is going out to celebrate. But his happiness fades when he discovers his date cheating on him an hour before. Suddenly alone when everyone knows he’s supposed to have a plus one, Julian is set for a long night until longtime acquaintance Ryan Dean bails him out of the embarrassing situation. During dinner, they discover they have more than just friendship between them: there is mutual admiration and heated attraction. But getting to know Ryan better—and finding a place in his life—will bring Julian frightening surprises and paranormal danger he never expected or dreamed existed.

It wassupposed to be my night. Well, maybe my and my best friend’s night, but definitely I was in there somewhere. When the stars aligned and you got your dream, nothing was supposed to get messed up. But since there was no such thing as perfect, I shouldn’t have counted on it.

“Julian,” she said before her arms wrapped around my neck. “Honey, where’s Channing?”

Here was the crux of the matter. I turned on the barstool and looked at my best friend’s wife. Phoebe Vega was a stunning creature, and waiting expectantly, breathless from dancing, her pale jade eyes focused on me, she was as close to a goddess as I would ever see.

“God, you’re beautiful,” I sighed.

The scowl came fast. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t just give you a compliment?”


I couldn’t contain my grin; it was just too stupid to even have to explain. “I need a drink.”

“Oh no, what happened?”

This is the problem with having good friends; they know you well enough to interpret your mood from the expression on your face with simply a look.

“Jules, where’s your date?” she demanded, her voice rising.

I emptied the shot of Patron in front of me, refocused my vision since it was the third one I’d had, and looked at her. “Having sex with Peyton Wilson in his office.”

She was silent, stood there just looking at me for several moments, blinking, absorbing what I had said. “I’m sorry, what?”

I cleared my throat. “My date, the guy I’ve been going out with for the last six weeks, well, the last time I saw him, he was taking care of Peyton Wilson in the production office.” And I could have been much more graphic, even more crass, but this was my girl, the…


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